Dulevo 6000 Hydro CNG

Основные характеристики
Модель6000 HYDRO CNG
Ширина уборки (мм)2.800 - 3.200
Емкость контейнера (л)4400
Производительность (м3/ч)96000
Источник питанияДизель

Единственная уличная мойка в мире, работающая на природном газе

Dulevo 6000 Hydro CNG Street Washer is designed for high-pressure cleaning and for the sanitation of urban areas, но also easily adapts to индустриальные территории, resorts and wherever else a high level of hygiene is necessary.

Without changing its washing capacity, Dulevo has created a new street washer powered by natural gas that fully respects the environment, paying great attention to cities and citizens.

Предназначен для эргономики и очистки даже наименее доступных областей

Washing takes place by means of a stainless steel bar placed at the front of the cabin.

The Dulevo 6000 Hydro CNG is also provided with a nozzle for walls and less accessible areas.

The cabin of the Dulevo 6000 Hydro CNG Street Washer has been designed to ensure максимум операторского комфорта и лёгкая в использовании: it is sound-insulated and has large glass surfaces to ensure прекрасная visibility.

The hydrostatic drive, power steering and the few controls make this vehicle simple and pleasant to use.

Другие особенности:

  • Natural gas significantly снижают уровень выбросов
  • Adjustable and hydraulically activated high pressure pump
  • Steel frame suitable for heavy work
  • Power steering для легкости и pleasant использования
  • Low maintenance costs это все функции are hydraulically activated
  • Нет электроники
  • Гидростатическая трансмиссия


The four steering wheels, synchronised and with power steering, make this street sweeper easy to manoeuvre even in the most complex situations.

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